The International Institute of Ancient Hellenic History “Sosipolis” is a legal private entity and a non-profit organisation based in the prefecture of Ilia.
The mission of ‘Sosipolis’ is the study of the history and culture of the Ancient Hellenic World.
Its basic objectives are to bring together scholars from the international academic community who study the History of Ancient Greece; to enhance their cooperation; to facilitate and encourage scholarly exchange and to offer them a meeting place in a Historic landmark of the Hellenic Antiquity.
Its ultimate goal is to create new directions in scholarly research on the Ancient Greek World, and to disseminate its conclusions.


  • Bon Voyage PierreThe Board of the International Institute of Ancient Greek History 'SOSIPOLIS' communicates a bad news. On Monday July 25, at dawn, the Institute suffered the loss of President Pierre Carlier.
  • "Great is the power of the sea: The power of the Sea and Sea Powers in the Greek World of the Archaic and Classical Periods", 3rd International Conference