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The International Institute of Hellenic History names "Sosipolis" from "Sosipolin".Sosipolis: According to Pausanias, Sosipolis was worshipped as a local demon in Elis. Tradition holds that during a raid on Elis by the Acardians the attackers were frightened off by the naked infant that the Elians placed at the front of their forces. When the Arcadians attempted to approach the child it turned into dragon. Disturbed by this sight, the Arcadians ran away, leaving the Elians as the victors, who thus named the god Sosipolis. They established a sanctuary at the point where the dragon entered the earth after the battle, and worshipped him alongside Eileithuia (a goddess who assisted in childbirth) as they believed that it was she who brought this child to the people.
The International Institute of Ancient Hellenic History “Sosipolis” is a legal private entity and a non-profit organisation based in the prefecture of Ilia.

"SOSIPOLIS"According to Pausanias