The goals of the International Institute of Ancient Hellenic History “Sosipolis” are the following:

  • To encourage a more comprehensive approach to historical knowledge by applying interdisciplinary models of research
  • To shed light on subjects that have not been sufficiently explored
  • To highlight the multi faceted character of the Hellenic Antiquity
  • To present and to explore the different ways of the reception of the Hellenic Antiquity by the modern world
  • To draw attention not only to the great metropolitan centers of the west but also to other places where the cultural heritage of the Ancient Hellenic World can be dealt with fruitfully and creatively
  • To advance proposals on the directions for studying the ancient world; also, to review such proposals emanating from institutions in Greece and elsewhere
  • To host Greek and international scholars, to bring them together and to encourage a more effective collaboration among them
  • To promote dialogue with other related academic fields such as Archaeology, Classics, Numismatics, Epigraphy, etc
  • To cultivate the interest of Ancient Greek History students by offering to them, in collaboration with their universities, the opportunity to complete and perfect their studies through seminars, classes, conferences, etc
  • To attract the interest of the general public in the Ancient Hellenic World by offering summer classes about the history, literature and archaeology of Ancient Greece
  • To offer possibilities for professional education via programs for groups of people who wish to study the fields of the Ancient Hellenic History
  • To take advantage of the new technologies and to provide services of high quality to the Institute’s members and visitors by creating an information center about the Ancient Hellenic World.