The Building

“The new premises of the International Institute of Ancient Hellenic History”

The International Institute of Ancient Hellenic History “SOSIPOLIS” has finally acquired an independent and fully equipped new building. The successful completion of the construction project for this new building in 2009 will satisfy long awaited hopes and dreams granting the necessary infrastructure for the Institute’s goals and activities.
The location of the Institute’s new “home” is found at Pyrgos, Ilia and it is housed at what used to be the “Corinthian Currant Institute”. After important and intense efforts, especially from the Prefecture of Ilia’s side, the old building of the “Corinthian Currant Institute” was entirely restored to become the new “home” of SOSIPOLIS.
The “Corinthian Currant Institute’s” building is of primary historical and scientific importance for the Prefecture of Ilia. Since 1928 it has operated as a Research Centre for the Corinthian Currant, then as a Chemical Laboratory, and finally as the only prefectural Weather Station. In the year 1998, according to EU regulations, its function was discontinued and since then the building was left unexploited, suffering the expected results of natural deterioration.
In order to revive and develop this historically important structure, the Prefecture of Ilia decided to put forth a plan to restore the building and re-design its interior spaces, in order to house the International Institute of Ancient Hellenic History “SOSIPOLIS”.
The building itself is an elevated two-storey structure that consists of reinforced concrete, masonry and bricks. During the process of restoration, the whole structure was statically reinforced, granted that the building’s main frame had suffered significant damages due to past earthquakes.
Therefore, the newly restored building is now more than capable to host the multidimensional activities of the International Institute of Ancient Hellenic History “SOSIPOLIS”. Accordingly it offers the following functional areas:
• Teaching and seminar rooms
• Library
• Offices
• Reception area
• Lounge/ Meeting area
• Stairwell
• Space for electrical switchboard panel
• WC areas

• 5 twin bedrooms with own bathrooms
• PC lab
• Reading room
• Kitchen
• Stairwell
• WC areas

During the restoration, the construction of a lift was specifically designed to meet the apposite legal provisions regarding persons with special needs. The lift structure is made out of metal and glass, and is attached to the facade of the building.
Few meters away from the main building there is a ground floor outbuilding which was also fully restored to house the installation of electromechanical machinery (air-conditioning, water drainage, etc.)
The total surface of the restored building compound (which includes the mechanical support outbuilding) totals to 464.73 sq. meters and is situated in a total ground area of 10,000 sq. m.

The restoration project for the establishment of the International Institute of Ancient Hellenic History “SOSIPOLIS” at the “Corinthian Currant Institute” building was co-funded by the European Union, within the INTERREG IIIA / 2000-2006 “Greece - Italy” Community Initiative.