In September 2006, the scientific committee of Sosipolis organised the 1st Trans-European seminar on Ancient Hellenic History entitled "Tyrants in Ancient Greece"  which was held in Ancient Olympia.

The first trans-european seminar series with subject “Tyrants and Legislators” is being organised between 11 and 16 of September in Ilia by the International Institute of Ancient Hellenic History “SOSIPOLIS”, which is being held under the auspices of the Ilia Prefecture.

The main purpose of the seminars is to examine the phenomenon of tyranny ever since its emergence in the ancient time until the Hellenistic times. Professors of European Universities, as well as Doctors and Researchers will meet in Pyrgos of Ilia in order to investigate the chronological, economical, military and political aspects of the action of tyrants. (cf. Brief presentation of the subject)

Daily 1 hour Seminars will be given by: Victor Alonso-Troncoso, P. Annello, Pierre Carlier, Giovanna Daverio, Claude Mossé, James Roy, Cl. Baurain, and …

Additional half hour presentations of individual subjects will be given by university professors, doctors and postgraduate students. The Seminars as well as the Presentations will be given in English or in French.

The aim of the organisers is to enable new researchers from all around Europe to meet on a location that was, ever since ancient times, a place of unity, in order to present the results of their research and to exchange views under the guidance of their professors.

The presence of independent listeners in the daily proceedings of the Seminars as well as their participation in the Round Table discussions which will follow the presentations are also considered very important by the organisers who support the promotion of Ancient Greek Culture. With their presence in the six day cycle, they will be given a Certificate of Participation for 30 hours of Ancient Hellenic History Seminar.

The intention of the International Institute of Ancient Hellenic History “SOSIPOLIS” is to bring together scientists of the international educational society who study Ancient Hellenic History, to improve the cooperation between them, and to assist the communication and their meeting on a symbolic location of ancient Greece.

 Program of the seminar